Sunday, 8 March 2009

Euros Lyn Interview have published an interview with Euros Lyn about directing the whole series of torchwood and David Tennant's departure episodes later on in the year.
Euros says,
"It's been an endurance test," Lyn told "It was a 16-week shoot for the Torchwood season -- longer than most feature films. But the intensity keeps you focused on the work."
You can read more of the interview here.
After the New York Comic Con, earlier on in the year, BBC America posted a number of videos, with Eve Myles and Euros Lyn, the first, which can be seen here, shows the pair come of the stage and have a quick interview, The second and third, which can be seen here and here, are an interview with Eve Myles, in which BBC America asked viewer to send in their questions and the fourth is an interview with Euros, which can be seen here and follows the same pattern as the two with Eve Myles.

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