Friday, 12 December 2008

Doctor Who Magazine: Issue 403

The cover and information for Doctor Who Magazine 403 have now been released. 

Panini have released these details.
The magazine features a preview of the christmas special, plus an interview with David Morrissey.

Was David surprised at the reaction to his casting? "I wasn't expecting that level of interest, really, but it's come thick and fast. I don't think you can be aware of the world of Doctor Who until you’re in it, really, and I hadn't been aware of what a huge show it is – not in the sense of people's interest, how deep that goes. And I was quite surprised by the amounts of texts and emails I got from people asking me if I was the next Doctor."

Also in DWM 403
An exclusive look at the forthcoming Christmas Special, featuring brand new photos and tasty tidbits from the cast and crew!
The Doctor takes Majenta to one of his favourite places in the universe in Part One of a brand new comic strip, The Stockbridge Child by Dan McDaid with art by Mike Collins.
Doctor Who's executive producer Russell T Davies counts down to the big day and reveals some surprising secrets about next year’s Specials.
Russell Tovey, star of the 2007 Christmas Special, Voyage of Damned, on Kylie, internet forums, and being the next Doctor!
The mysterious Watcher returns to challenge and perplex with his ever-popular (and utterly fiendish) Christmas Quiz!
Neil Harris has a few unconventional suggestions to enhance your season viewing while waiting for The Next Doctor to come on TV in You Are Not Alone.
The Fact of Fiction looks back to when to the Cybermen first crashed their way into the Tenth Doctor's world as it examines 2006’s Rise of the Cybermen/The Age of Steel.
All the news that isn’t fit to print is in The Space-Time Telegraph.
The Time Team don their shades and head back to the rock and roll years, as they continue their quest by watching 1987’s Delta and the Bannermen.
Discover the winners of Doctor Who Magazine’s annual season poll. What was the best story? Who were the best guest stars? And just who did you decide made the Greatest Contribution to Doctor Who in 2008? All is finally revealed!
DWM takes a fond look back over the year that was and remembers some of the (frankly bonkers) events that made 2008 a year to remember.
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