Thursday, 9 October 2008

Doctor Who Adventures: Issue 85

The 85th issue of Doctor Who Adventures was released yesterday and comes with a free time agent wallet and pencil

This is the BBC Magazines Press Release:
New adventures for an old Doctor

In this week’s Doctor Who Adventures – out today – you can read about the return of the Eighth Doctor to digital radio later this month for a set of new adventures.
If you’ve not seen him before, we’ve got need-to-know information about this energetic Doctor.
And don’t miss part two of our win a life-size K-9 competition, for the chance to win your very own robot dog. If you missed part one, don’t worry, as there’s a bonus token in next week’s issue.

o Three posters! Charlotte Abigail Lux, the Doctor and the Toclafane, and Donna and the Time Beetle.
o Fact file: Terrifying Toclafane.
o Tales from the TARDIS: Scares and shocks in the Library.
o Who knows: What are the Sea Devils and what happened in the first-ever episode?
o CAL interviewed: We talk to actress Eve Newton, who played Charlotte in Silence in the Library and Forest of the Dead.
o Sarah Jane Adventures: Find out about Commander Kaagh and get a preview of the next story, Day of the Clown.
o How to draw: Create your own Davros.
o Who’s Where? A trip to Pompeii for a fun search.
o Ultimate Tenth Doctor: The start of our new guide to the current Doctor.
o Comic strip: Washed Away part two.
o Woven word whirl: Work out the word whirl and win a book!
o Win: Cool goodies up for grabs!
o Subscription offer: Subscribe and you’ll get FREE Doctor Who Dalek and Cybermen figures.

Doctor Who Adventures issue 85, priced £2.10, is out now! Get to it before the Toclafane get to you.
full cover here

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