Sunday, 13 July 2008

Sarah Jane Adventures: Series 2 Casting News *UPDATE*

The Sarah Jane Adventures crew were filming in Wales yesterday, as usual the doctor who forum member Scooty was there and managed to take images of returning members that most doctor who fans will recognise, these include Brigadier Leftbridge Stewart and a Sontaran. Mrs Wormwood from the New Year Special is also believed to be returning as well (highlight to reveal).

click here to see 2 filming images with thanks to Scooty.

More various members on the Doctor Who Forum have posted more filming images and confirm the return of Mrs Wormwood (highlight to reveal), see some images here, here and here. The images also confirm that U.N.I.T (highlight to reveal) are in series 2, see that image here.

thanks to the Doctor Who Forum for the images

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