Monday, 14 July 2008

2009 Specials Update

Recently Julie Gardener, Executive Producer, was interviewed by the Telegraph and told them that the second 2009 special would air at easter, the first being this christmas and the last would air next christmas. Here is what she had to say;
"Our main motivation for giving Doctor Who a break is that we want the audience to remember how much they love it," she said. "Come 2010, we want people to be cheering its return."

"We are making four one-hour specials. The first, which we’ve already filmed, will go out this Christmas. The next will go out the following Easter. The other specials have yet to be scheduled, although one will definitely be on at Christmas 2009."

Some people around the whoniverse are also speculating that one of the specials or an episode for series 5 may be set in Egypt and one episode may star Winston Churchill.

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