Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Journey's End 1 Hour long *UPDATED*

The BBC have officially confirmed to the UK listings magazine, Radio Times, that Journey's End, the last episode of series 4, will be extended to a hour long instead of the usual 45 minutes. This finale is the latest in a line of episodes that have been extended, the first being Last of the Timelords last year and the second being Voyage of the Damned at christmas. This news was confirmed by now ex-head writer Russel T Davies, an extra weeks filming had to be used to accommodate the time-slot. This will be Russel's last series finale that he will ever be writing, everyone at the planet wish Russel good luck in the future an can not wait to see new programs that he will be writing

Journey's End will on BBC1 at 6.40 on 5th July

UPDATE - Journey's End has now been confirmed to 65 minutes long in the latest issue of doctor who magazine, which may mean that the broadcast time may change

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