Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Doctor Who Magazine: Issue 397 info + cover

The information and cover for Doctor Who Magazine issue 397 have now been released the magazine comes with a free target novelisation book.

Panini have released these details:
Previews of the final two episodes of Series Four, featuring new and previously unpublished photos.
An interview with Elisabeth Sladen.
Steven Moffat, Doctor Who's showrunner-in-waiting, speaks candidly about taking over the series - and how to write a Doctor Who story.
Planet Earth has been moved! But how? And by whom? Find out what happened the first time the Earth was stolen, as The Time Team watch the first four parts of the epic 1986 adventure The Trial of a Time Lord.
See the Doctor and Donna in dead trouble! The fight against zombies and Sycorax continues in part three of the latest, full-colour, comic-strip adventure The Widow's Curse
Could you make it as a DWM journalist? The decisions are all yours as you go behind the scenes and talk to the stars as you investigate the filming of Turn Left.
DWM talks to Lesley Sharp, aka Sky Silvestry, about what makes a scary story, working with Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant and the fun of going bonkers.
Before iPlayer, DVDs and videos, the only way to relive an old Doctor Who story was by reading a Target book. DWM takes a nostalgic look back at this fondly remembered series of novels.
Discover why too much information can be a bad thing - and just what The Doctor's Daughter has to do with 1978's Underworld – in You Are Not Alone.

Plus all the latest news, exclusive photos, reviews, previews, competitions and a free, vintage Target Doctor Who book

full cover can be seen here (but beware of spoilers)
Doctor Who Magazine will be released to tomorrow at a price of £3.99

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